Steak & Gin

The Beef

Glasgow has no shortage of great places to eat, but here at Alston Bar & Beef we aim to set the bar for meat lovers by serving the best steak the city has to offer. Choose from a selection of 35 day dry-aged steaks, including the Chateaubriand to share or the fillet: a favourite in Glasgow.

Our beef is supplied by John Gilmour & Co Ltd, an independent family run business established in 1946 who specialise in the supply of high quality meats, in particular ‘Tweed Valley’ from the Scottish Borders, a nod to our heritage in Scotland.

Their ‘Tweed Valley Beef’ is aged for 35 days so it can achieve the perfect tenderness. J. Gilmour also dry hang their beef using chilled, dehumidified air which removes the moisture and allows the beef to mature for much longer.

Founder John Gilmour believes in the importance of healthy livestock and really buying the best. Every Monday, John attends the St Boswell's livestock market in the Borders, as it is essential to see the cattle before they reach the abattoir.

At Alston Bar & Beef, we believe it’s important to truly understand where each steak has come from. That’s why all J. Gilmour meat comes with detailed information on the farm it came from, the market and abattoir used.

The Gin

Gin was once known as "mothers ruin" and the "scourge of society" however these days gin is undergoing a bit of a ginaissance. Alston Bar & Beef has over 120 gins on the bar including a dozen or so that are produced here in Scotland, including Rock Rose, Edinburgh Gin and Makar Glasgow Gin, to name a few.

From William of Orange, to Churchill to Snoop Dogg, gin has a very colourful history. For almost 400 years gin has survived numerous wars, US prohibition, soggy lemon slices and substandard tonic so if you love gin, drop into our bar since we can’t wait share our passion with you.